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Alan Mattei, EA                                                                                                   

Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor                                                                                     


What We do

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Bookkeeping Services

Outsourced Bookkeeping

Quit worrying about the back end of your finances! We can help you keep your books up to date so you can focus on doing what you do best –growing your business


Tax Services

We don’t just file your business and personal taxes, we strive to lower your tax liability and add value. Tax services shouldn’t be just about having your taxes prepared at the end of the year – we provide proactive tax planning leading to maximum tax savings and value added to your business.

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We know what a pain it can be to remain compliant with all payroll requirements and the stress that comes from your cleaning crew when payroll is delayed due to bad administrators. We help you to stay on top and on time with your payroll needs.

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Strategy And Advisory

We go over your bookkeeping in order to identify where the leaks and profit centers are so we can get going to implement them. Tailored-to-your-business tax services and tax reduction strategies designed for your business to save.

Develop a comprehensive strategy to protect your earnings, save on taxes, get financing, and build your financial future. 

Why Choose Us

Proactive Tax Services - Pristine Bookkeeping

On Schedule

All of our work is programmed according to schedule - will present timelines and deadlines to you

Tailored to Your Needs

We adapt to you and your business needs custom tailored to you so you can save more on taxes and keep your business compliant and up to speed financially based on your industry

We Take Our Job Seriously

"Accounting is the language of business." We will work with you to make your business as business-like as can be with accurate financial statements and pro-active tax returns


Kealoha Finneran
Kealoha Finneran
Timely and thorough advice. I highly recommend.
Anthony Nicholas
Anthony Nicholas
Really helpful! Explained how certain structures will help me save considerably on my business and would recommend sitting down and doing a consultation.
haram arellano
haram arellano
Alan has been an exceptional tax professional, providing thorough and accurate assistance. His expertise and attention to detail ensured a smooth and stress-free tax filing experience. I appreciate his prompt communication and proactive approach. Highly recommend Alan for anyone seeking reliable tax services.
Ignacio Martinez
Ignacio Martinez
Muy confiable y profesional
Berenice Garcia
Berenice Garcia
Alan is very knowledgeable and ready to answer any questions!
Veronica Mejia-Guillen
Veronica Mejia-Guillen
Alan Mattei is a tru professional who knows his craft and finds the best way to service you for your tax return. I would recommend him to any person who is looking for a knowledgeable tax preparer!
alan grismore
alan grismore
I worked with Alan in a project base capacity to straighten out my bookkeeping in Quickbooks. I am thoroughly impressed by his exceptional bookkeeping services. His professionalism, deep tax knowledge, and meticulous attention to detail surpassed expectations. Alan's responsiveness and commitment to going above and beyond made him an excellent partner for my bookkeeping needs. I wholeheartedly recommend Alan to anyone seeking reliable, high-quality bookkeeping/tax filing services.
Mary McCandless
Mary McCandless
Was very pleased with the fast assistance I received especially since it was the end of the year and my issue needed to be resolved before the New Year. Alan answered my many questions to help me understand my issue going forward. Thank you Alan.
Radiant Core Acupuncture
Radiant Core Acupuncture
Alan’s expertise and thoroughness really helped us launch the acupuncture we’ve been envisioning. He has an everlasting patience and desire to educate us about how our business can best grow. His tax knowledge has helped us make better and better financial decisions as a budding company. He even offers us help on doing our own personal taxes, and how those choices interweave into our business tax decisions. Highly recommend.
Damayanti Weese
Damayanti Weese
I used Alan for the bookkeeping of both of my businesses. I've also referred him to other businesses for bookkeeping and tax preparation. One stop for tax planning, bookkeeping, and tax preparation! Thank you Alan!

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