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How to Setup Accountant User For Your Bank of America Account

You might be wondering how to give your accountant access to your bank. If you use Bank of America, you can setup different levels of access for your team. Everyone can have their login ID and password and you can easily delegate a lot of the tasks that you might otherwise have to deal with. It’s up to you and your specific needs how to setup the accountant user for your Bank of America account. Here we will go over the options. 

Account Management

First, you must setup the Account Management feature for your small business account. Once you have this feature, now you can setup the accountant user for your bank.

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Steps to Setup Multiple Users

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Small Business” tab
  3. Login to your account
  4. Go to “Account Permissions”
  5. Go to “Add New User”
  6. Enter the accountant’s details and select “OK”
  7. Go to “Continue to Accounts & Services”
  8. Choose the level of access by selecting which items to include for the account

Levels of Access

There are three types of access levels also known as “Activity Levels.” They are “Transactional Access,” “View Access,” and “No Access.”

Transactional access has access to financial transactions up to the allowed levels as determined by the main users. These can include making payments, transferring funds, as well as viewing and downloading balances and statements.

View access allows one to view balances and transactional activity, up to the allowed levels as designated by the main user or an administrator.

“General Service Settings” allows the main user or administrator to setup accountant user with specific levels of access and view options. 

It’s up to you and your specific needs as a business owner to decide what access level to give your accountant. You may choose to give your accountant “Administrator” status if you are using him or her as your financial admin “second.” To learn more about the role of a financial administrator and how this could have a positive impact on your business stay tuned for articles on this in our blog page.

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